Berkley Soft Plastics for Pickwick Lake

SAN ANTONIO, TX (6/4/2020) – So far this week we have highlighted crankbaits and terminal tackle that could potentially be key players at the 2020 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops on Pickwick Lake in Florence, AL.  Next up, we are going to introduce you to a trio of soft plastic baits from Berkley that could prove to be very productive out along the bountiful ledges of this Tennessee River fishery.

First up, we will take a look at a true classic in the game, the PowerBait® Power Worms®.  For years, generations of anglers have tied on an old fashioned ribbontail worm and gone out in search of biting bass.  The Power Wrom® is Berkley’s take on this tried and true method.  This soft plastic is available in a wide array of color patterns, as well as five different lengths ranging from 4 in. – 12 in.

The Power Worm® is most effective when fished Texas rigged with a tungsten bullet weight, or draped on the back of a football-style jig head.  Though there are tons of colors to choose from, we are going to suggest one pattern in particular: Plum Apple.  Take that color pattern in either the 8 in. or 10 in. model, pair it with a 1/2 oz. sinker and a 5/0 Trokar hook and you will be fishing for some quality bites on derby day.

Next on the list is the Berkley PowerBait® Power® Swimmer.  As part of the ’Swag Bags’ that anglers will receive upon check-in on Tuesday afternoon, each boat participating in the Championship will receive a package of these sensational swimbaits.  The Power® Swimmer comes in four different lengths, and more than a dozen color options.

These Pickwick Lake bass love to pile up out on the ledges and gorge themselves on shad in the cool, deep waters of the Tennessee River.  Conditions such as this present a fantastic opportunity for anglers to sling the Power® Swimmer around to pick off feeding and suspended bass.  There are several different options for rigging up this particular swimbait.  Your two best choices will be to pair it on a decent sized swimbait head or even use it on an under spin style jig head.

Lastly, we will discuss one certain bait that can prevail when the going gets tough.  Whether it’s due to lots of fishing pressure, a lack of current, or bluebird skies and tough weather conditions, sometimes the fish can become very stingy and tight-lipped.  It is in situations such as these when the PowerBait® Bottom Hopper really shines.

The Bottom Hopper is a small profile finesse worm that works great on Carolina rigs, jig heads, and even fished weightless as a wacky worm.  This is a presentation that is fairly simple.  Anglers can choose between a 4.75 in. or  6.25 in. model, and after that, the name of the game is strictly patience.  You will likely want to use as light of a jighead as the conditions allow, and just soak that bait in the highest percentage areas you found during practice.  So when the conditions get tough and you’re in search of some very crucial bites, go with the PowerBait® Bottom Hopper from Berkley.

Berkley and Abu Garcia are dedicated to the support of high school and college anglers all over the US.  This is why they offer product discounts, pro mentorship, discounted team jerseys, and BASS IQ access through the Student Angler Program.  To find out more, follow this link.