Choosing the Right Sunline Products for Fishing Ledges

SAN ANTONIO, TX (6/5/2020) – With official practice set to begin tomorrow morning at safe light, this will mark the final article in our feature highlighting baits and gear that you need to compete in the 2020 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops on Pickwick Lake.  Today we will take a look at several products from Sunline that will help you get more bites, and land those fish in the boat.  Having presented you with specific baits to use earlier in the week, we will now talk about specific fishing lines that pair well with those tactics.

Let’s begin with the ideal line for fishing crankbaits out over the deep ledges and humps of the Tennessee River.  Crank FC is Sunline’s premier crankbait fishing line.  Comprised of 100% fluorocarbon, Crank FC has additional stretch designed specifically for crankbaits and reaction lures.  Plasma Rise Technology alters line surface to make it slicker, more abrasion-resistant and longer-lasting.  Offered in 10 lb., 12 lb., 14 lb., and 16 lb., Crank FC is the perfect choice when throwing deep diving crankbaits.

Next, we will focus on Super FC Sniper.  This 100% fluorocarbon line is the Swiss Army knife of the Sunline America lineup of fluorocarbons.  It can be used when fishing soft plastics, jigs, crankbaits, and just about any bait you would desire to throw.  For the purpose of this feature, we recommend Super FC Sniper when fishing bottom baits during Championship week.  Spool up with Sunline’s best selling product in 12 lb. or 14 lb. test and get ready to set the hook on the winning sack of Pickwick Lake bass.

And for the finesse presentations, look no further than Sunline’s XPlasma Asegai Braided line.  XPlasma Asegai is the perfect braid to use as your main line on a finesse spinning setup.  Following four years of development, Sunline recently launched Asegai braid featuring patented XPlasma technology that dramatically improves slickness, abrasion resistance, and water repellency.  Add 7-9 ft. of Sunline’s FC Leader to the end of the braid, and you’ll be set to throw shaky heads, finesse worms, and light line presentations to trick those finicky bass into biting.

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