SPRO DD Crankbait Could be Key to Unlocking Pickwick Ledges

SAN ANTONIO, TX (6/3/2020) – “This is the deepest diving, baddest crankbait you ever want to see,” said SPRO Pro Staff member John Crews about the Little John Super DD 90.  “It’s a big, long body bait.  This bait gets all the way down to 24 ft. on 12 pound Sunline.”  When it comes to throwing a crankbait out on Tennessee River ledges, this sounds like the ideal moving bait to trigger feeding bass during the 2020 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops on Pickwick Lake.

The Little John Super DD 90 was designed by pro angler John Crews.  Designed to dive to extremely deep depths, the bait has a unique vibration and a subtle sound underwater.  Effectively fishing deep diving crankbaits also requires long casts to give the angler time to reel the bait down to its maximum depth.  A built-in soft tungsten weight transfer system allows for that optimum casting efficiency.

“It is not an overbearing crankbait to pull through the water.  A lot of super deep diving crankbaits, you’ll just wear your forearms out after about an hour of fishing those things,” Crews added.

The SPRO Little John Super DD 90 is available in seven different color patterns that could all be effective out on Pickwick Lake.  During the month of June on this particular body of water, 15-22 ft. is the ideal sweet spot for locating schools of bass out on deep structure.  Swimming this large profile crankbait in and around those areas could be the winning pattern that crowns a National Champion.

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