Live Blog: Wednesday Morning, May 22nd – FINAL Practice Day!


Wednesday, May 22nd 7:35 AM

The final day of official practice is happening now!  Anglers have until 3:30 PM to search for that winning school of fish.  Following the conclusion of practice, competitors will make their way to the Angler & Sponsor Banquet tonight.

Today is a crucial practice day for some, while others are using this as an opportunity to find a back up plan or just look for new spots.  The bass are definitely out on the ledges.  One interesting aspect of this tournament is that the field this week is comprised of anglers from a wide variety of places.  And each angler has their certain area of expertise.

Some of them are shallow water hammers, and others are pros out on the Tennessee River ledges.  Those familiar with the ledges are definitely set up to succeed.  The shallow water fishermen however will have to work to find a plan that works.  From talking to the anglers at Yamaha Angler Appreciation Night, the shallow water guys may be finding a little bit of success.  Some of them are locking up to Wilson, while others were a little more tight lipped about their pattern.  Fishing shallow may not produce the winning pattern, but it could produce a limit that can land a team inside the top 20.  We will be sure to keep an eye on how this unfolds tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 22nd 9:15 AM

Michal Wolan from the University of Alabama caught this stud during official practice.  You can tell from the looks of that fish that it recently finished spawning.  Once these bass on Pickwick Lake finish spawning, they will begin making the journey to the ledges.  For those fish that have been out on the ledges for several weeks, they will be healthy and in good shape.  But the ones that recently finished spawning and are just now moving out deep, they will be skinnier and worn down from the spawn.


Wednesday, May 22nd 10:50 AM

The host site for this week is the city of Florence, AL.  Florence is rich with history, and has plenty of sites to see.  One of those many attractions is The Boiler Room downtown.  Located in the basement of the Stricklin Building, the Boiler Room is a great place to gather for events and parties.  It features food, drinks, and bowling.  Be sure to check it out in your free time!

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  1. Peter E.
    Peter E. says:

    This looks like a great event to help encourage and recognize future generations of anglers! The unique conditions of Pickwick Lake will provide challenges for many of the participants from distant locales, but that is part of the learning curve that will enhance their techniques and skill sets. Will the website or blog be posting a list of the participants, their university/college affiliation and from which state they are located?
    Congratulations to all the organizers and sponsors!
    Good luck to all the participants!
    Happy fishing!

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