Live Blog: 2017 Angler & Sponsor Banquet

Wednesday, May 24th 8:45pm

With out the help of each of these great partners we wouldn’t be able to put on events just like this championship. From all of us at the Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series and the BoatUS National Bass Fishing Championship we would like to thank you for all of the support.

Wednesday, May 24th 8:30pm

Lucas Oil took care of a bunch of anglers during the raffle with some gallon jugs of oil!

Wednesday, May 24th 7:45pm

Florence, Alabama is definitely the home of the BoatUS National Championship

Wednesday, May 24th 7:30pm

Mark Daniels Jr was a pleasure to have as our guest speak sharing his story on the path he took to becoming a professional angler.

Wednesday, May 24th 6:30pm

Gill – Check, Costa – Check, Denali – Check

Wednesday, May 24th 6:15pm

Gene Eisenmann with HydroWave sharing his knowledge on how to get the most out of your unit.

Wednesday, May 24th 5:00pm

They just thought they were done with writing papers this semester.

Wednesday, May 24th 4:50pm

Costa Sunglasses with an awesome discount program for collegiate anglers.

Wednesday, May 24th 4:40pm

Garmin drawing a huge crowd checking out the latest and greatest Garmin has to offer.

Wednesday, May 24th 4:30pm

Thank you to the City of Florence Alabama for all the support, and for having us back year after year.

Wednesday, May 24th 4:15pm

First Place in Cabela’s School of the Year Bryan College anglers already picking out new RAM Trucks to buy just incase they win it all.

Wednesday, May 24th 4:00pm

Some anglers arrived at registration feeling pretty sad with no line on their reels…..

But after a quick stop at the Sunline table they were feeling pretty good with a reel full of Sunline FC Sniper.

Wednesday, May 24th 3:45pm

Taking care of your fish while in the live-well is huge, Sure Life can help give you that added edge to keep those fish healthy all day.

Wednesday, May 24th 3:30pm

Hard to beat the look of a Blue Yamaha Hat!

A little bit of maintenance will help keep you out on the water. Yamaha Maintenance Matters program is a simple guide to the longevity of your outboard.

 Wednesday, May 24th 2:45pm

Nothing better than walking past a beautiful RAM Truck and Ranger Bass Boat heading into register for the 2017 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship

Wednesday, May 24th 2:30pm

PRO RULE…….Other Boards Just Don’t Measure Up

These look like they would be some great prizes to give away at Registration..

Wednesday, May 24th 2:10pm

Want to be the sharpest dressed angler on the water, then look no further than Gemini Jerseys and BUFF

BUFF has some of the coolest hats in all of fishing, and for that matter anywhere else.

Wednesday, May 24th 2:05pm

Backlash so bad today you need to re-line a reel??? Bring the reel to registration and spool it full of Sunline FC Sniper in 16lb or 20lb test for FREE

Wednesday, May 24th 2:00pm

We are honored to have Garmin/Ranger Pro Mark Daniels Jr as our special guest speaker at Registration this afternoon.

Wednesday, May 24th 1:52pm

Anglers will be able to check out all the awesome new Denali Rods at Registration

One lucky angler will be leaving registration with a new Denali Rod

Wednesday, May 24th 1:45pm

All the anglers are going to leave Registration this afternoon with tons of Berkley Fishing gear.

Wednesday, May 24th 1:30pm

Mustang Survival is giving away a PFD at Registration this afternoon.

Wednesday, May 24th 1:00pm

Ranger Cup is a great way to pick up some extra winnings if you run a Ranger Boat!

One of the coolest hats we have seen all year from Ranger Boats

Ranger Boats….Still Building Legends One at a Time

Wednesday, May 24th 12:16pm

High winds, heavy rain in some areas, mixed with the current has made for a pretty rough day on Pickwick today.  We’re hearing it’s as rough as they’ve ever seen it type comments from quite a few anglers.  This changing mix of conditions has probably made it hard for the majority of the field to move around today in search of more off shore fish.  We also wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the field has already called it a day and are preparing their gear and getting ready for the angler appreciation banquet later today.  We’ll have more reports and predictions coming shortly as the anglers begin to show up for registration.