ICAST 2020 New Products – Day 4

AFTCO: Diffuse Air-0 Mesh® Fishing Shorts

AFTCO checks yet another box off the innovation bucket list with the first pair of technical fishing shorts made entirely of AFTCO’s breathable, yet durable Air-O Mesh® technology. The Diffuse Air-O Mesh fishing shorts accomplish this with a proprietary 100% polyester mechanical stretch fabric with dissolving yarn to creates the micro Air-O Mesh® venting throughout the shorts. Reap the benefits of ultimate comfort in warm, humid climates that would otherwise make for a sticky situation.


WX BREACH features our new Dynamic Venting System. With just a click, block out the elements while controlling the airflow behind your lenses. When the side vents are open, the added airflow allows for circulation behind the lenses and your Facial Cavity Seal, reducing fogging. Lenses feature our New CAPTIVATE polarized lens technology that filters confusing light to enhance blues, greens, and reds, producing vivid details for freshwater fishing where depth perception is paramount.


Garmin quatix® 6X Solar

Do what you love longer with the quatix 6X Solar marine GPS smartwatch with solar charging. Its unique power-replenishing feature uses the sun’s energy to extend battery life up to 24 days. Designed for life on the water, the quatix 6X Solar is preloaded with specialized boating, fishing, cruising and sailing capabilities. With comprehensive connectivity and built-in activity profiles for SUP, kayaking, skiing, golf & more, it’s ready to go the distance for every adventure on and off the water.