Berkley Displays New Hardbait Lineup at 2016 Bassmaster Classic

COLUMBIA, S.C. – At this year’s Bassmaster Classic, Berkley is displaying and handing out the new line of Hardbaits, a few may make a difference in the outcome of the annual event. Visitors to the Cox Business Center and the Berkley booth (#455) on March 4 through March 6 can get a free sample of the baits that are flying off the shelves.

“The Berkley hardbaits are a tremendous success,” said Justin Lucas, BASS Elite Series Pro and Classic competitor. “They have changed the face of the game. Not only do these baits look great, they run true and catch more fish right out of the package. If I had to pick one out of the lineup that will play a factor in the Classic it would most definitely be the Skinny Cutter 110+. The erratic action and custom Berkley colors are something these fish haven’t seen.

Transforming the idea from napkin scribbles into action required the creation of sophisticated CAD designs and intricate molds to form an engineering facility rivaling any high-tech facility found around the world. Next, America’s best bass pros tested them on some of the toughest lakes they could find.

2259099The Berkley team partnered with renowned bait designer and crankbait legend David Fritts to develop a line of hardbaits that delivers better actions, colors and more bites. With 11 initial shapes and true action right out of the package, each Berkley Hardbait is equipped with the sharpest Berkley Fusion19TM treble hooks. All 11 models feature custom designs and colors hand selected by the Berkley team.

The floating Bad Shad 5 and Bad Shad 7 are premier casting baits that rise slightly at every pause.

Anglers that prefer suspended jerkbaits will zero in on the Cutter 90+, Cutter 110+ and Skinny Cutter 110+ with maximum darting action from the slightest rod twitch.

Berkley Digger 6.5 and Digger 8.5 crankbaits are great for covering water with an aggressive wobble and side flash. These offerings from Berkley go deep and get there quickly.

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