Sunline Technology

Sunline is adamant about quality control. Bobbins wound with spun line are subjected to 100% inspection, while another quality inspection awaits the finished product. Any off-specification products found through this process of double-checking are absolutely banned from shipment in alignment with the company’s unchanging policy of quality above all.

Now that Sunline America Co., Ltd. is up and running, Sunline is even better equipped to respond to the needs of the North American market both in terms of sales and product development.

Below are some images from the Sunline production facility. Sunline invests considerable time and resources to insure they are using the best manufacturing processes and equipment available.

How Sunline Makes Nylon and FC Products


Initial Extrusion Process


Moist Heat Tank

The undrawn fibers become think due to necking caused by heat and drawing in the first stage. The molecular arrangement induced by this action enhances the strength of the line.


Drawing Roller / Dry Heat Tank

Changing the rolling speed between the moist and dry heat tanks, the line is put through the first and second level rollers and drawn 5X or 6X to enhance strength. At the third level, the drawn fibers are heated 5–8% to relax, stabilizing the molecular arrangement and minimizing changes in quality.



Final Step Winder

Line is spooled onto 5 lb. bobbins to be respooled and packaged.


Spooling Process

The line is then spooled using one of our three spooling processes: stress free, parallel or standard spooling.


Research and Development

Sunline has a large staff and area devoted to research, development and testing. They invest considerable resources in this department to not only develop new products, but to test production runs each day to insure consistency and quality of current products.

Sunline’s Commitment to Quality

Production runs are continuously checked for quality and continuity. Numerous microscopes are used to analyze multiple features of line. Sunline’s Research and Development department evaluates new and existing products every day. Product tests are conducted to measure flexibility, tensile strength, abraision, resistance, UV resistance, endurance, slickness, knot strength, stretch and diameter consistency.


Sunline’s Analysis Lab

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