restock your box like a pro angler

Do you restock your box like a pro angler? – Big Bite Baits

Now is a great time to take inventory of your soft plastics and restock your boxes.

Big Bite Baits Elite Series Pro Dean Rojas is hard at work preparing for the 2018 season.  One of the items Dean is checking off of his list is restocking, and organizing his soft plastics. Learn here how to restock your box like a pro angler! “Each off

season I go through all of my soft plastics and get them 100% organized.  What I like to do is make up boxes with my ‘go to’ colors in them.  For example, I will have a box of my 4″ Fighting Frog that contains three of my favorite clear water colors, and three of my favorite stained water colors,” said Rojas.  “I’ve totally gone away from keeping a massive amount of plastics in my boat, simply because they add so much extra weight.  I keep my bulk plastics in my truck, or wherever I am staying at an event and simply add them at the end of a tournament day if I need to.  Just implementing this one strategy with your plastics will help you stay organized and be more efficient” Rojas concluded.

Big Bite Baits remains dedicated to helping collegiate anglers and all qualified college anglers competing on the Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series can receive a 50% discount off Big Bite Baits.

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