Live Blog: Wednesday Afternoon, May 22nd – 2019 Angler & Sponsor Banquet!


Wednesday, May 22nd 1:20 PM

The stage is set for tonight’s Angler & Sponsor Banquet.  Tonight marks one of the grandest nights of the year.  Sponsor representatives for brands that support the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series will be on hand.  Scott Martin is the key note speaker for the event.  Anglers will be able to circle the banquet hall talking to sponsors, and receiving various gear and apparel.  It’s truly a great night celebrating the anglers and sponsors.


Wednesday, May 22nd 2:50 PM

Sponsors are beginning to get set up and have their giveaways laid out.  Sawyer has Picaridin Insect Repellent for the anglers to use this week.  Competitors will be leaving the banquet tonight with loads of product!


Wednesday, May 22nd 3:30 PM

The first teams are beginning to show up at the banquet hall!  Tonight is going to be full of good times, great food, and plenty of giveaways.  Scott Martin will address the tournament field towards the end of the evening.


Wednesday, May 22nd 4:10 PM

Sunline is offering up their annual tradition.  Anglers can bring a reel to the banquet and spool up with Super FC Sniper.  Several different pound tests are available for anglers to choose from.


Wednesday, May 22nd 5:00 PM

Fish care is very important during the summer months.  A majority of these fish will be coming out of deep, cooler water.  So when they are hauled into the boat, it can be quite the shock to their system.  Products like G-Juice Livewell Treatment will play a key role in keeping these fish alive.


Wednesday, May 22nd 6:20 PM

Great turn out at the Angler & Sponsor Banquet!  Everyone is here eating great food and taking home plenty of products from our wonderful sponsors.  Key note speaker Scott Martin is addressing the field now.

This will conclude the blog for today.  A preview article will be posted to the website later tonight!