Live Blog: March 10 – Tournament Day 1!

Saturday March 10th, 4:00 pm

Here are the final results for session 4 presented by Garmin.

This wraps up our live blog coverage for the day.  A full recap will be posted later this afternoon.  Continue to check back to our website, and various social media channels for more coverage.

Saturday March 10th, 3:20 pm

The scales are closed and the first day of competition is in the books.  Brian Pahl from Bethel University wins session 4 and holds the overall lead with 9.22 lbs.

Saturday March 10th, 2:55 pm

Just minutes are left in this final weigh-in session.  It should be an exciting finish!  We will have updates on the final weights soon.

Saturday March 10th, 2:30 pm

We’re closing in on the final half hour of competition for the first day of the 2018 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash – presented by Berkley.  The weights so far today have been impressive to say the least.  For the past two years, the winning fish at this event has been just under nine pounds.  Today’s current leader is at 9.22 lbs.  That will be a very difficult number to surpass for the remainder of this event.  With 30 minutes left, we will know shortly what the leading weight will be heading into the final day.

Saturday March 10th, 2:10 pm

A majority of the recent posts have been centered around the weigh-in and fish crossing the stage.  We can’t forget there is a tournament still taking place out on the water.  Ricky Harris from Bethel University has this giant largemouth locked away in the livewell.  There is just under an hour left for anglers to make it to the weigh-in tanks with their final fish at 3:00 pm.  We’ll know shortly how Ricky’s fish will hold up to the rest of the competition.

Saturday March 10th, 2:05 pm

Earlier in today’s blog we referenced the healthy population of smallmouth that Kentucky Lake is showing off right now.  Luke Mason of the University of North Alabama just weighed in this 6.85 lbs smallmouth during the 4th and final session.  That fish currently has him in 3rd place for session 4 weights.

Saturday March 10th, 1:55 pm

Early on in session 4, Brian Pahl of Bethel University claimed the session 4 lead and overall top spot with a bass weighing 9.22 lbs.

Several other good fish have been weighed in during this session already.  The final session is typically the most difficult to win, with lots of big fish coming to the stage.  We will see if this holds true today.

Saturday March 10th, 1:26 pm

Session 3 results are final!  Here is a look at the top 10 standings from session 3 presented by Cabela’s.

Saturday March 10th, 12:55 pm

Less than 5 minutes are left in session 3!  The weights are beginning to stack up.  It’s going to take a fish over 5 lbs to claim the 10th spot in this session.

Saturday March 10th, 12:40 pm

There are about 20 minutes until the conclusion of session.  Ty Cox from Blue Mountain College still holds the lead at 8.94 lbs.

The on the water reports have slowed down drastically in the past hour.  To go along with that, the numbers and size of fish crossing the scales has also declined.

This could be due to a midday lull.  We will find out here as this session comes to an end if anglers are catching fish consistently still out on Kentucky Lake.

Saturday March 10th, 12:15 pm

Session 3 is a little over half way complete.  Many anglers weighed in early during this session presented by Cabela’s.  Ty Cox from Blue Mountain College has the lead with 8.94 lbs.  This also makes Ty the overall leader for the 2018 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash – presented by Berkley.




Saturday March 10th, 11:40 am

Listed above are the final standings for session 2 presented by Bob’s Machine Shop.  Lucas Murphy from Grand Valley State takes 1st place with 7.27 lbs.

Saturday March 10th, 10: 48 am

So far today we have seen several quality smallmouth come to the weigh-in stage.  Brandon Briscoe from Western Illinois University just caught this keeper smallmouth.

Kentucky Lake has a reasonable smallmouth population.  With the rate at which the quality smallmouth have crossed the scales today, it looks as though they are flourishing out on Kentucky Lake.

Saturday March 10th, 10: 35 am

Quality fish are showing up all over the place today.  Here is Johnny Ott from Western Illinois University with a solid Kentucky Lake largemouth.

The sun is trying to peak out through the clouds as session 2 has about 25 minutes remaining.  Air temperatures are now around 58 degrees and the winds are picking up ever so slightly.  The final minutes of this session will be a good indicator as to whether or not the fishing is improving as the day progresses.

Saturday March 10th, 10: 25 am

Pictured above is Ty Cox from Blue Mountain College with what is estimated to be an 8+ pound fish.  Ty also has another fish in the boat around the 4 lb range.

This is one of the stronger reports we have received from on the water.  A very impressive showing early on here in day 1.  We will keep an eye out for Ty during the upcoming weigh-in sessions.

Saturday March 10th, 10:05 am

Not only were there plenty of fish weighed during session 1, a good number of anglers also weighed in early on during session 2.

Jack Hippe from Adrian College is in the lead with 6.83 lbs.  More anglers are at the tanks now waiting to weigh in.

Saturday March 10th, 10:00 am

If the amount of fish weighed-in during session 1 is any indication, the bite is on out on Kentucky Lake today.  A total of 41 fish were brought to the scales following the first two hours of competition..

Reports from on the water are also remaining consistent, with fish catches being reported at a steady pace.  Session 2 is now halfway through.  An update on the standings for session 2 will be posted shortly.


Saturday March 10th, 9:45 am

Here is a look at the top 10 from session 1.  It took a 5.03 lbs fish to take the 10th place.

Saturday March 10th, 9:15 am

Session 1 weigh-in has now concluded.  Brendan Madden of McKendree University takes top prize with a largemouth bass weighing 7.14 lbs.

Numerous fish over 6 lbs crossed the weigh-in stage.

Anglers are catching fish on a variety of patterns.  Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs were the most popular baits of choice here early on.

Many of the anglers weighing in during session 1 reported starting close to the boat ramp.  This strategy could be key in the school of the year race because anglers who stay close by and are catching fish could possibly weigh a fish during every session and gain valuable points.

Saturday March 10th, 8:58 am

Just seconds are left in session 1.  Anglers have to be under the tent, ready to weigh-in right at 9:00 am.

Current leader is Brendan Madden of McKendree University with 7.14 lbs.

Saturday March 10th, 8:52 am

Fish are coming in at a steady pace.  Current leader is Brock Meigs from McKendree University with 6.41 lbs.

There is just under 10 minutes left in this first weigh-in session.

Saturday March 10th, 8:40 am

Current leader of session 1 presented by Hydrowave is Scott McClellan of Louisiana Tech with 6.08 lbs.

20 minutes are left in the first session.  More anglers are lining up at the tanks.  It’s setting up to be a good first weigh-in!

Saturday March 10th, 8:35 am

Fish are starting to be weighed in.  There are a lot of fish in the 3-4 lb range.  We will have more updates shortly.

Anglers are reporting catching fish on a number of different moving baits.

Saturday March 10th, 8:15 am

Anglers are beginning to show up at the dock with fish to weigh-in.  There are reports of several 4 lb fish in the livewell.  A good number of competitors are at the weigh-in tank now.  There should be a name at the top of the leaderboard shortly.

Saturday March 10th, 8:00 am

Pictures are beginning to come in from on the water.  There are no reports of fish catches at this moment from the boats that our camera crews are paired with to start the morning.

The first session is halfway complete, and no anglers have arrived at the weigh-in site.  Things should begin to pick up very soon!

Saturday March 10th, 7:50 am

The water level on Kentucky Lake has seen an up and down trend for the past several weeks.  Walking along the banks, you can see where the water line is beginning to recede.  Current elevation, as you can see above is just under 363 feet.  For a reference, normal winter pool is around 354 feet.

Saturday March 10th, 7:25 am

There are no reports of fish catches just yet, but we expect it won’t be long before we start hearing of fish being caught.

The conditions are setting up for a good day of fish catching.  Air temperatures have been fairly steady for the last few days, and the cloud cover we have this morning could have these fish pushed up shallow ready to feed.

Crankbaits and lipless crankbaits were the lures commonly mentioned at last night’s weigh-in.  In the early spring time, like we are right now, those are two deadly presentations to trigger these fish to bite.

Saturday March 10th, 7:10 am

First casts are in the water!  Competition for the 2018 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash – presented by Berkley is underway. As anglers start to make their way through the weigh-in, we will provide more updates.  The first session is taking place now, and will conclude at 9:00 am.

Saturday March 10th, 6:40 am

Boats are continuing to launch as we inch closer to the official take off time at 6:45 am.  This morning, the weather conditions are looking pretty good.  Some late night showers have moved out of the area, but the clouds still remain.  High temperatures are expected to reach 59 degrees with about a 30% chance of rain.  Winds are projected to be light at about 5-10 mph.

Lake levels are continuing to drop today.  Right now, the lake is at 362.94 feet elevation.  By midnight tonight it will fall another foot to 361.86 feet.  Throughout the day, the water will be dropping at a considerably steady rate.

Saturday March 10th, 5:35 am

Good morning!  We are set up and running for today’s live blog. College anglers are pulling through for boat check now, and have been for about the past 30 minutes.

Here’s a quick rundown of the schedule of events to start this morning.  Anglers are able to begin launching their boats now.  At 6:45 am all competitors are permitted to leave their launch site and head out to their first starting spot.  Tournament action, including first cast, will begin at 7:00 am.  The weigh-in session will close at 9:00 am.  All anglers who want to weigh a fish in the first session must be in the weigh-in line by no later than 9:00 am.


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