ICAST 2020 New Products – Day 2

Garmin Panoptix LiveScope™ Perspective Mode Mount

LiveScope has transformed the way anglers fish by delivering real-time scanning sonar images of structure, bait and fish swimming around and below the boat, even while stationary. By adding the new Perspective Mode Mount to an LVS32 transducer, anglers can take LiveScope to the next level with a new “perspective” view that delivers unprecedented overhead visibility, perfect for shallow water. This one easy-to-use mount delivers three unique vantage points; no additional transducer required.


Sunline: Night FC Hi-Vis Yellow

2020 brings the introduction of a new Hi-Visible Yellow color of Night FC. This new color provides maximum brightness at night for highest visibility under black lights. It features all the same characteristics as the original Night FC, such as low stretch and high abrasion resistance, and is 100% fluorocarbon. Night FC comes in a 165yd spool and is available in 12lb, 15lb, 17lb, 20lb and 25lb and has a suggested retail price of $21.99.


Trokar: TK608 and TK608V

Custom lure and DIY pouring is a growing part of the fishing industry. Eagle Claw has come out with the answer for the Spinnerbait makers. The TK608 offered in 50 bulk packs, in 6 sizes 2 finishes, traditional nickel and platinum black, and 2 bends, round and the Eagle Claw Pro-V. All with the sharpest point on the market Trokar! Fisherman can now make their custom spinnerbaits with the best American made hook.


From a passion of bait building as a childhood hobby, to customizing lures as a professional angler, the OG Series is born of the sawdust from Ott DeFoe’s Garage. The Rapala Slim is a balsa, flat-sided bait with a medium wobble and tight side-to-side action. The lightweight circuit board lip is extremely thin yet delivers the right action and attitude no matter how you fish it. Weighs ½ oz, 2.75” long, dives to 6’, has a pair of #3 VMC Hybrid Trebles and comes in 14 colors.