Dominate the Depths and Shallows with the SPRO Fat Papa Series

Kennesaw, Georgia: Tournament ready right out of the package, the SPRO Fat Papa series of crankbaits coax bites from bass in the shallows down to the mid-depths.

The Fat Papa 55 uses its rattle to sweet-talk bites from lethargic early season bass, while the Fat Papa 70 and all Fat Papa Squarebills remain silent. The Fat Papa Squarebill produces a tight wobbling action, bouncing off virtually any cover and generating deadly deflections that shallow water bass can’t resist. Both wear premium-forged steel Gamakatsu trebles to ensure you capitalize on every strike.

Designed to be a versatile, all-weather, and all-season crankbait, the Fat Papa excels in cooler waters. The bait features a weight transfer system that provides long casts for its size and dives deeper than others in its class. It also serves as a dinner bell, with the low-pitched thud created by the weight rattling around in its chamber, drawing fish in from a distance. This bait has a body that’s wider than those of others in the SPRO line, giving the Fat Papa a distinct action and unique vibration that bass find hard to resist.

SPRO tapped into the soul of old-school balsa baits when they developed the Fat Papa Squarebill, creating an all-terrain, shallow diving machine. Like its old-school predecessors, the Fat Papa SB is extremely buoyant, which allows it to float up and out of snags and hunt like balsa crankbaits. But unlike those custom softwood baits, you don’t need to worry about smashing the Fat Papa Squarebill into cover, as the modern injection molding technology shrugs off abuse and keeps fishing.

Whatever depth you find the bass, convince them to bite with SPRO’s Fat Papa series of crankbaits.  See the full line of SPRO Fat Papa crankbaits by clicking here.