Big Bite Baits: Are you seeing red this Spring?

Bringing the Big Bite to your line!

Red crankbaits and rattle baits are top producers in the Spring. Our Suicide Shad is available in Rayburn Red and is a great choice for this time of year. Available in 3.5″ and 5″ sizes.



Try out the favorite shapes and colors of the Angling Edge crew, including Al and James Lindner and Jeremy Smith! The Angling Edge Tester Kit includes all of these great baits.  


  • 2.5″ Salt Tube in Green Pumpkin Pepper
  • 4″ Swimming Jerk Minnow in Grey Ghost
  • 3.5″ Suicide Shad – Light Perch

Jointed Jerk Minnow in Alewife


This new Big Bite hoodie is made of 100% polyester with anti-static and moisture-wicking properties, so you stay cool and comfortable all year ’round only $39.99.