Berkley Baits To Tie On For Kentucky Lake

SAN ANTONIO, TX (9/15/2020) – Fall fishing is one of the most exciting times of the year to be out on the water.  Leaves are changing colors, cooler temperatures are sweeping through, and lakes are less crowded.  Also, a wide variety of baits will catch fish.  From topwaters to bottom baits, bass are spread throughout the water column feeding on an array of baitfish and prey.  In this article, we will breakdown three baits for anglers to try at the 2020 Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley on Kentucky Lake.

The Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley is the first event of the season on the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.  Hundreds of collegiate anglers from across the country will be in Henry County and Paris, TN competing for their share of $40,000 in prize & contingencies, and double points to count towards the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia.  The two-day event will consist of seven weigh-in sessions, providing anglers with ample opportunities to bring a fish to the scales and win a boatload of prizes.

The first bait we are going to highlight is the PowerBait® Power® Swimmer.  This finesse style swimbait is a proven winner on Kentucky Lake at the Big Bass Bash.  Hunter Schneider from Adrian College caught a largemouth bass weighing 5.16 pounds using a Power® Swimmer to win this exact event just one year ago.  The winning fish bit on Day 2 of competition when anglers were permitted to use only Berkley baits.

It is safe to say that the Power® Swimmer should be a big player on the second day this year once again.  Shad are a key target for bass during the fall months.  Cooler weather makes the baitfish push shallow, and the bass follow them into those key areas.  Rigging this bait on a light jighead or with a bullet weight, fished around high percentage areas will produce great results.

View the Power® Swimmer here.

Topwater baits are another popular technique during the fall.  One lure that we saw a lot of at the 2019 Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley was the Berkley Choppo.

The Choppo is a topwater propeller style lure that causes quite the commotion along the surface of the water as it is retrieved back to the boat.  One major benefit of throwing a lure like the Choppo is the ability it provides the angler to cover a significant amount of water.  Anglers can chunk and wind all day until they collide with a Kentucky Lake giant.

In an event like the Big Bass Bash, the Choppo is a bait to keep an eye on for multiple reasons.  The first reason is, topwater baits are proven big fish catching machines.  Numerous four-plus pound fish came to the scales on Day 2 last year that were caught on topwater baits.  The enticing action and easy meal create a deadly combination that the big fish can’t resist.

The second reason competitors will be throwing the Choppo is the aforementioned ability for anglers to cover a lot of water with this bait.  Fish will be scattered out across the lake, so covering as much water as possible will give you the best opportunity at running into a few more extra bites.  Chunk it out.  Wind it in. Repeat.  That could be the winning pattern this weekend in Paris, TN.

View the Choppo here.

Last but not least, we highlight what could be the best big fish catching bait featured in this write-up.  A traditional ribbon tail worm has long been a staple for catching big fish out on deep water ledges and points.  PowerBait® Power Worms® are Berkley’s tried and true old school style worm.

The main reason this bait is listed here is because of the given body of water, Kentucky Lake, and the time of the year in which we will be there.  Summertime patterns could still be playing out on Kentucky Lake.  We saw this play a factor back in 2019.  For the anglers who stayed out deep and fished a more summer-like pattern, they were rewarded for this decision.  These fish were more willing to bite and were extremely healthy.  Working the Power Worm® along deep water structure is a high-percentage tactic for triggering the winning bite.

Because of that reason, The Power Worm® would be a wise choice for anyone searching for a big bite in that 8 ft. – 20 ft. depth range.  Find out more about the Power Worm® here.