AFTCO Open Winners Take Home $500 Yamaha Contingency Bonus

SAN ANTONIO, TX (OCTOBER 20, 2021) – Heath Pinell and Taylor Knowles from LSU, winners of the 2021 AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open, earn the $500 Yamaha ACA Contingency Bonus for their recent victory at Lake Dardanelle.

“It’s a really great thing Yamaha does for these tournaments,” said Pinell.  “The extra money from the contingencies and tournament programs is an awesome addition to the pot. If you qualify for the contingencies you can earn nearly twice the amount of money for a win.”

Pinell & Knowles won the 2021 AFTCO Open with a two-day combined weight of 24.89 pounds.  First place for this no-entry-fee event paid out over $2,000 in prizes and gift cards.  The duo from LSU also cashed in on the Yamaha ACA Contingency, as well as the ACA Logo Contingency, to send their total winnings well over $3,000.

“It is awesome that such a big company like Yamaha gives back and does this for college kids,” noted Knowles.  “The extra $500 that we got on top of our 1st place prizes will help out a lot with fishing the rest of the season!”

The Yamaha ACA Contingency Bonus Program is one of the many tournament rewards available to anglers competing in Association of Collegiate Anglers events. Offered at the Big Bass Bash, ACA Championship, and AFTCO Open, the Yamaha Contingency awards up to $1,000 to the highest qualifying team.  To qualify for the Contingency Bonus Program, anglers must have the red corporate Yamaha logo on their jersey, with an additional bonus built in for anglers who run a Yamaha Outboard.  To find out more information, click here.

With the 2021-22 ACA season just now getting underway, three events remain for anglers to cash in on a variety of bonuses and contingencies.  Both Pinell & Knowles encourage other college anglers to study up on the opportunities available, so they too can cash in on an extraordinary tournament finish!

“My best advice to other anglers is to visit you all’s website. The site does a great job of explaining everything that needs to be done to qualify for these contingencies,” said Pinell.

To find out more about discount and contingencies that are available to college anglers, follow this link.