Trailer Valet to Offer Brand Partner Program to College Anglers

SAN ANTONIO, TX (June 11, 2024) – Trailer Valet, a series partner with the Association of Collegiate Anglers, is excited to offer its Brand Partner Program to college anglers.

Trailer Valet is looking for Brand Partners that support its “Move Forward” mentality.  This encompasses a variety of items, including: competitive spirit, overcoming adversity, and giving back to the community.  Simply put…anything that places the sport or community “forward.”

Anglers interested in becoming a Trailer Valet Brand Partner can apply at this link. Eligible candidates will be asked to share their story and provide social media samples that build their case for why they would be a good selection for this program.

Those that are selected as Brand Partners will benefit from a variety of perks presented to them by Trailer Valet.  These perks include: monetary incentive, free products, cross-promotion on Trailer Valet platforms, and more.  In return, Brand Partners will be required to create content with the product received, display Trailer Valet logo on their gear, as well as shoutouts of Trailer Valet on social media.

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