The Bash Stash: PowerBait® Swimbaits for Fall Fishing

Gear you need to compete in the upcoming Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley

Big Bass format events are a unique format for tournament anglers. A traditional bass tournament requires anglers to bring their best five fish limit to weigh-in at the end of tournament competition.  Conversely, a big bass event requires anglers to catch just one big fish to win the entire event. In a situation where you’re looking for just one big bite instead of five quality bites, an angler can get away with trying some more creative presentations to trigger a bigger bite.  One of those popular special techniques is throwing swimbaits out in open water.

Berkley, as part of their PowerBait line of products, makes a variety of different swimbaits.  For the purposes of this article we will focus on the PowerBait Power Swimmer.  The Power Swimmer is paddletail style swimbait that can attract fish from a ways away.  It is available in four different sizes: 2.8 in., 3.3 in., 3.8 in., and a 4.3 in.  Available in such a wide range of sizes and eye-popping colors, the Power Swimmer is a very versatile swimbait. The Power Swimmer is infused with PowerBait flavor, giving you more time to feel more bites and set more hooks.

Having several packs of the PowerBait Power Swimmer in your tackle box on day two would be a wise idea because the bait can be fished in a variety of ways.  You could use it as a traditional swimbait.  Rig the bait on a light jig head and cast to open water while retrieving the bait at a steady rate.  Another option would be an Alabama Rig.  Use five of the Power Swimmers on an Alabama Rig to grab the attention of those big Kentucky Lake bass.  Lastly, use it as a trailer on spinnerbaits and bladed jigs.  The added action of the PowerBait Power Swimmer will make this a great looking presentation.

Swimbaits are great baits to use during a big bass format event.  A fad that originally started out on the west coast, swimbaits can be productive on just about any body of water, any time of the year.  The versatility of the Berkley Power Swimmer, combined with its ability to attract big bass, makes it the ideal bait for the Big Bass Bash.  Visit the Berkley website to purchase the PowerBait Power Swimmer.


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