The Bash Stash: Berkley Crankbaits to Catch Big Fish

Gear you need to compete in the upcoming Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley

Crankbaits are great baits to use during the early fall.  During the fall transition, bass move from their summer haunts on the main lake and begin to head into creek arms and shallow pockets chasing bait.  With the bass being keyed in on shad as they feed up for the winter, a crankbait is the ideal lure to use to target these fish.  The perfect crankbait from Berkley to use in this situation is the Berkley Digger.

Crankbait expert David Fritts teamed up with Berkley engineers and a team of pro anglers to create the Berkley Digger.  The Digger is a synthetic bait that provides the action of a handcrafted wooden bait.  An aggressive wobble and side flash will entice fish to bite no matter their mood.  The Berkley Digger is available in six different models diving as deep as 14-16 ft.  View the available color options, and full line of Digger crankbaits here.

A crankbait is a very effective bait at Kentucky Lake.  Since the lake fishes more like a river system, there is a wide variety of shallow cover for anglers to target with a crankbait.  Rock is one of the prevalent pieces of cover throughout this Tennessee River impoundment.  The Berkley Digger can dive down into the cover and meticulously wiggle its way through the strike zone.  So when targeting rock structure throughout the event, try the Berkley Digger.

Long, flat points are another area that holds fish on this lake.  Last time we were here in the spring, shallow crankbaits produced many giant bass.  The larger profile of the Digger can be the ideal bait to trigger a larger fish into biting.  Using this bait as a search bait across main lake points could prove to be another productive pattern throughout tournament competition.

When it comes time to tie on Berkley baits during day two of the 2019 Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley, be sure to reach for the Berkley Digger.  View the full line of Berkley hardbaits by following this link.  Next up on this series, we will take a look at a soft plastic bait that will be a key player at Kentucky Lake.  Check back tomorrow for more great content!


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