The Bash Stash: Berkley Choppo

Gear you need to compete in the upcoming Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley

We’ve made it to the end of the series.  Today we will introduce you to the fourth and final Berkley product that we suggest you stash away in your tackle box before heading to Kentucky Lake in a few short weeks.  As we enter the fall of the year, topwater lures will begin to play a larger and larger role in catching bass.  It just so happens that over the past few years, Berkley has really started to ramp up the production of their topwater products.  The one bait that you will want to have on your radar entering the Big Bass Bash is the Berkley Choppo.

The Berkley Choppo is a fish catching machine.  Following in the trend of topwater propellor/buzzbait style lures, the Choppo is a very user-friendly bait.  Simply cast it out and reel it in.  The bait will do the rest of the work.  Finished with two quality Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks, the Berkley Choppo will hook and land nearly every fish that bites.

Baits like this have quickly become synonymous with big bass.  Across the nation, you see anglers having success with this style of baits.  The Berkley Choppo is also available in three different sizes: 90mm, 105mm, and 120mm.  This wide range of sizes means there’s a bait to target both quality and quantity of bites.

A bait like the Choppo is effective in any body of water across the country. On Kentucky Lake in October, it should prove to be a great lure.  As we’ve mentioned earlier in the series, the bass will be keyed in on shad as their primary source of food. The Berkley Choppo will impersonate those baitfish and trigger plenty of bites.

As we wrap up this four part series, the ACA encourages anglers to begin stocking up on Berkley products now.  To get the gear you need to compete in this year’s Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley, visit

For more information about the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series, please visit

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