SPRO’s Fat Papa Walker Brings New Life to the Topwater Game

Kennesaw, GA – Major League Fishing pro Russ “Big Daddy” Lane is a big man with a big appetite for big bass. So when he needed a do-everything topwater walker for lunker bass from Florida to California, he enlisted the SPRO® engineers to build the Fat Papa Walker. This 130mm beast calls the meanest predators on your local lake to strike out of pure aggression.

Not only is the Fat Papa Walker slightly bigger than standard walk-the-dog topwaters, but unlike its cigar-shaped predecessors, it features a distinctly distended belly that pushes massive amounts of water. It enables anyone to create a wide “glide” without much effort. As a result, expert topwater anglers will be able to make it perform all sorts of fish-tempting tricks. At the same time, even rank beginners will get this baitfish imitator to work properly with minimal effort.

If the wide walking action was not enough to draw fish from a distance, the dual rattle chambers create an aggravating clacking noise that inspires vicious strikes. In addition to the unique body shape, the Fat Papa Walker also has a shallow cupped mouth, thus adding to the varied ways you can fish this big surface lure. You can chug it, twitch it or walk it violently, everything from the most aggressive action possible to the most subtle – the only thing that won’t be subtle is when a big bass inhales it. It’s equally effective on largemouths, smallmouths and spotted bass, and don’t be surprised if a giant striper or muskie comes up to take a bite out of it. Combined with SPRO’s other purpose-driven topwater tools, this will complete your tournament-winning topwater arsenal.

The Fat Papa Walker is available in 8 proven colors, perfectly matched to different forage bases and water conditions, so you’ll always have the right tool for the job.

Fat Papa Walker 130 Features:

  • Size: 130mm
  • Weight:7/8 ounce
  • Depth: Topwater
  • Action: Walk the Dog