Russ Lane Added to SPRO and Gamakatsu Pro Staff

SPRO and Gamakatsu are proud to announce it has added Elite pro Russ Lane to it Pro Staff. Russ joins fellow Elite Pros Mike McClelland, John Crews, Dean Rojas and Bill Siemantel.

Russ Lane says “It’s been a blessing for me to begin a working relationship with SPRO and Gamakatsu. For as long as I can remember the only hooks that I have ever used were Gamakatsu. Half of the puzzle is getting a fish to take your bait and then you have to figure out how to up your odds of actually getting him in the boat. That is the advantage I get from using Gamakatsu hooks”.

“For the last couple of years I have admired the way that SPRO goes about designing their line of hard baits. They are one of the very few companies that totally utilize their pro staff when it comes to producing the highest quality baits possible. Guys like Crews, McClelland and Rojas know exactly what it takes in a certain bait to give them a few more bites over the rest of the Elite Series field. I hope to put my already 20+ years of tournament knowledge to use in bait designs that will help us all catch more fish.”

“SPRO and I have been working together on a particular crankbait that I’ve been wanting for the past several years. There are lots of crankbaits on the market that catch fish but most of them are what I call “Wednesday baits”. How many times have you heard someone say that they were really catching them earlier in the week but under the same conditions on the weekend they struggle to get a bite? Fishing pressure is what made those fish reluctant to bite and the bait that we are working on will have all of the subtle qualities needed to get those pressured fish to react.”

National Sales Manager Syd Rives adds “We are happy to welcome Russ to the team. Russ will be designing a new style of crank bait with SPRO, and SPRO is ready to get started building baits for with him in 2011.”

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