Protect, Conserve, Get Rewarded with the AFTCO Bank Bag Program

SAN ANTONIO, TX (October 9, 2023) – On October 14-15, 2023, the Association of Collegiate Anglers will contest its second event of the 2023-24 season, the AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open.  The title sponsor of the tournament, AFTCO, is dedicated to conservation and protecting lakes, rivers, and streams for future generations.  As part of this initiative to “Protect and Conserve,” AFTCO promotes its Bank Bag Program.

“Everything we do with conservation, it’s just our commitment to it,” said Matt Florentino, AFTCO Marketing Director.  “It’s something that we’ve been doing for a very long time.  It started with the saltwater side and now we’ve taken it into freshwater.”

The AFTCO Bank Bag Program encourages anglers to pick up trash from around local lakes, parks, and surrounding areas to promote conservation and clean up. In return for bringing in a Bank Bag full of trash, that angler receives a $25 AFTCO gift card.

“Whether it’s at the highest level to the lowest level, we’re doing everything we can to preserve these fisheries for the future,” added Florentino.

The AFTCO Bank Bag Program is available to anglers at all Association of Collegiate Anglers events.  At the upcoming AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open, participants can turn in a Bank Bag to ACA staff members on Saturday or Sunday and receive a gift card while supplies last.

“All of the steps we’re doing to preserve the fishery…we’re doing it for the youth.  These young guns get involved, hopefully they can again take that to the next generation for them,” said Florentino.  “This is all an investment for all of us.  There’s some sweat equity involved, but ultimately, it’s better for us as anglers and also for the resource.”