Murray State’s Caden Crutchfield Earns Yamaha Contingency Bonus

SAN ANTONIO, TX (October 25, 2023) – At each Association of Collegiate Anglers nationally televised, no-entry-fee, double points event, anglers are eligible to claim tens of thousands of dollars in prizes and contingencies.  One of those programs is the Yamaha ACA Contingency Bonus Program.

Caden Crutchfield from Top 3 ranked Murray State University claimed the $1,000 contingency at Lake Dardanelle for the second ACA event of the 2023-24 season.

“I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to earn the contingency bonus! It really has helped set me and my partner, Micah Sowders, on the right path,” said Crutchfield.  “I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity that Yamaha has blessed us with!”

To qualify for the Yamaha ACA Contingency Bonus Program, anglers must have the red corporate Yamaha logo on their jersey, with an additional bonus built in for anglers who run a Yamaha Outboard.

In order to earn the maximum $1,000 payout, be the winning team (or highest finishing eligible team) at that particular event while displaying the Yamaha logo on their jersey and running a Yamaha Outboard.

To qualify for the $500 payout, the winning team (or highest finishing eligible team at that particular event) must have the Yamaha logo displayed on their jersey.  No Yamaha Outboard required to earn the prize.

Crutchfield, and his Murray State teammate Micah Sowders, finished in 2nd place out of the near 240 boat field.  The anglers qualified for the highest payout of $1,000 by being the highest-finishing team to have the Yamaha logo on their jersey, as well as competing out of a boat equipped with a Yamaha Outboard.

“I truly do love my Yamaha Outboard. We have put it through quite a lot and yet it still runs in wonderful condition,” added Crutchfield.  “Yamaha is built tough and can handle the toughest conditions! Yamaha has been very good to us and has powered us through high school tournaments and is still with us as we fish at the collegiate level! Yamaha is one of the best!”

To find out more about the Yamaha ACA Contingency Bonus Program, click here.