Garmin Brings Back the Garmin College Team for the 2017-2018 Season

Now Accepting Applications

Garmin, in partnership with the ACA, is seeking five (5) active collegiate anglers/teams to fill the Garmin College Team for the 2017-2018 tournament season. Garmin created this sponsorship opportunity for 10 collegiate anglers/teams, last Spring, as they showcase their electronics and give collegiate anglers the chance to be a part of a sponsored team. Garmin is continuing to dive deeper into the college side of freshwater fishing!

Garmin will offer new anglers/teams $1,000 in product and a 45% discount on one order of Garmin Marine electronics. Returning anglers/teams will receive $500 in product and a 45% discount on one order of Garmin Marine electronics. In addition, each collegiate angler/team will receive Garmin swag (hats, shirts, decals) for the season.

The opportunity to apply for one of the 5 available positions will be October 4th through October 18th. The 5 anglers/teams will be chosen October 20th following the deadline.

2018 Requirements:

  • College angler must have a boat
  • Post twice a month on social media platforms promoting Garmin electronics
  • Display Garmin decals on boats and vehicles that will be going to tournaments
  • Garmin logo must be visible on college jersey
  • Each team must fish a total of three college fishing events during 2018 to include a minimum of one Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series events during 2018.

At the end of the 2018 season, Garmin and Wade Middleton will evaluate anglers/teams on performance and execution of requirements. If signed for the following year, the team will receive $500 in product and another order for 45% off.

Garmin Grand Giveaway is still an opportunity with being a part of the Garmin team. If a team wins an event with the contingency of the Garmin Grand, they will receive the $1,000 payout.

To apply, please contact