Saturday, April 13 – 9:50 PM

This will conclude Day 1 live blog coverage presented by Bass Pro Shops.  Read a complete recap from Day 1 of tournament competition at the Hartwell Slam here.

Saturday, April 13 – 9:45 PM

The complete Day 1 standings are available on the ACA website. View the standings here.

Saturday, April 13 – 9:25 PM

Day 1 of tournament competition is complete at the Hartwell Slam on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, SC. Cason Price & Brayden Ruckman from number one ranked Carson-Newman stake claim to the Day 1 lead with a five bass limit weighing 19.56 pounds.

Saturday, April 13 – 2:15 PM

Check out this CHUNKY spotted bass caught by Barbone & Bower from the University of South Carolina!

Saturday, April 13 – 1:30 PM

In an hour and a half, at 3:00 PM, anglers will start returning back to Green Pond Landing.  The live stream of weigh-in will begin at that time.  Weigh-in can be streamed live via this link

Saturday, April 13 – 12:30 PM

The weather conditions are remaining stable here in Anderson, SC at Lake Hartwell.  High temperatures will reach into the mid-70’s with breezy winds and minimal clouds.   Today’s weather patterns vary drastically from what anglers experienced in practice.  Leading up to the event, there was considerable cloudiness, rain, and strong winds.

Spring weather patterns can change at a moment’s notice!  Who can crack the code and bring in a big limit of bass?  We’ll find out in just over two hours.

Saturday, April 13 – 12:00 PM

Pictured here are Lane & Tallis with Top 25 ranked Erskine College.  These two anglers have a limit for more than 14 lbs.

Saturday, April 13 – 11:35 AM

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Saturday, April 13 – 11:20 AM

Ben & Hayden from number one ranked Carson-Newman are working on a solid limit.  They currently have 14-15 lbs.

Saturday, April 13 – 10:10 AM

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Saturday, April 13 – 9:40 AM

Sunline recently introduced its Almight Sinking Braided Line.  A sinking braid helps reduce line drift and the bow in your line caused by wind and waves on a cast. This allows it to sink quickly after the cast and to sink more quickly in water to reduce the bow in an angler’s line. This faster sink rate also helps lures fall faster in deep water presentations. Almight has a specific gravity that is 50% heavier than traditional braided lines. By reducing line drift and bow in the line Almight provides an angler with better lure contact for enhanced bite detection. Almight is currently the only sinking braided line in the US market.

Saturday, April 13 – 9:20 AM

Pictured above are Riley & Szymon as they look at Garmin LiveScope and cast to fish.  The duo from top ranked Carson-Newman has 4 fish for an estimated 6 lbs.

Asa & Brett are now targeting fish on beds.  The anglers from 2nd ranked Montevallo also have 4 fish.

Saturday, April 13 – 8:45 AM

Asa & Brett from Montevallo are working their way towards a limit here on Day 1 of tournament competition.

According to the last report, Riley & Szymon from top ranked Carson-Newman had 3 fish for 4 lbs.

Saturday, April 13 – 8:15 AM

We have our first update with Wyatt & Ridge from 3rd Ranked Campbellsville University.  They currently have 3 fish for approximately 7 lbs.  This two angler pairing won the last ACA event that was contested, the AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open.

Saturday, April 13 – 7:45 AM

ACA camera crews are following boats representing the Top 3 ranked teams in the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia.  One of those teams is Asa & Brett from 2nd ranked University of Montevallo.  The pair is moving around, fishing different ares, and do not yet have a keeper bite…per reports.

Another team we are following the 1st ranked Carson-Newman pairing of Riley & Szymon.  Once we have an update on them, we will add that to the blog.

The anglers are being greeted with little to no cloud cover this morning, with breezy winds.  Lake Hartwell is a diverse fishery that offers anglers plenty of great high percentage areas to target, regardless of conditions.

If the conditions continue on the trajectory at which they’ve started, teams will likely get a lot of bites up shallow.  Warming air temperatures will help to raise water temperatures as the day progresses.  Finesse tactics both offshore, near docks, and around shallow cover will likely be the ticket to filling out a quick limit.  Anglers in search of bigger bites with swimbaits, and maybe even topwaters, could bring in the Day 1 leading bag.

Continued gusting wind could change things up drastically.  Not only would the wind hinder those sight fishing, it would add some chop to the water that would help anglers that are targeting reaction bites.

Saturday, April 13 – 7:10 AM

The full field of anglers is now out on Lake Hartwell for Day 1 of tournament competition at the Hartwell Slam.  Weigh-in will start around 3:00 PM (ET) this afternoon, as teams begin to return to Green Pond Landing.  As soon as we have updates from out on the water, we will post those here promptly!

Saturday, April 13 – 3:45 AM

Good Saturday morning from Lake Hartwell in Anderson, SC for Day 1 of the Hartwell Slam!  This is the third stop of the 2023-24 season for the Association of Collegiate Anglers on the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.

The full field of anglers is set to begin tournament competition this morning!

CarecoTV camera crew members will start the day with the Top 3 teams in the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia; 1) Carson-Newman University, 2) University of Montevallo, and 3) Campbellsville University.

Stay tuned to today’s live blog presented by Bass Pro Shops to keep up with all of the Day 1 tournament action here at Lake Hartwell.