Big Bite Baits: A tube that can swim and sponsor advice from Jeff Kriet

2018 Big Bite Newsletter

By: Scott Petersen

The Craw Tube has long been a top performer for Big Bite and a secret among many of the best regional anglers.  We were receiving a number of requests for a version that had a swimming action also.  The new Swimming Craw Tube is the same size as the original Craw Tube.  We added a claw on each size that will swim at the slightest movement to give the bait more action.  It is great for any flipping situation in wood or grass.

The Swimming Craw Tube is best rigged Texas style, but also works as a jig trailer.  The first five people to post which Elite Series angler these hands are on our Facebook page will receive two free packs of Swimming Craw Tubes.

Two our our best selling new colors!



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