Wiley X Discount Program

Collegiate Anglers competing in Association of Collegiate Anglers events are eligible to receive a discount on Wiley X sunglasses.

To be eligible for this program you must have fished an ACA major event or ACA sanctioned school of the year event in the past 12 months as well as currently be active in your school club at time of purchase.  Individual anglers are automatically eligible for a 30% discount off Wiley X sunglasses; bass fishing clubs are eligible for a 50% discount off Wiley X sunglasses when joining the program.

For the Wiley X Team program, a team must have multiple anglers commit to purchasing / wearing Wiley X sunglasses, place the Wiley X logo on jerseys, and provide social media posts wearing Wiley X sunglasses and using #goconfidently.


Please fill out the discount request form below and submit to receive your code!
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