Ranger Cup Contingency at ACA Events

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There’s nothing like the Ranger Cup contingency program; the premier tournament rewards prize program that has paid out more than $19 million dollars since its inception. Join the ranks of anglers who have padded their winnings by being a part of the most rewarding program there is…Ranger Cup!

Register for Ranger Cup.

The Ranger Cup Contingency will be awarded at all 2022 Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series events.




• Must meet all Ranger Cup rules and guidelines.

• Must own a 2011 or newer Ranger boat and fish from the Ranger boat all days of tournament.

• Must sign up online before qualifying for Ranger Cup payout. Ranger Cup registration expires December 31 of each year. You must sign up for 2022 Ranger Cup to be eligible for 2022 Ranger Cup payout.

• Must meet clothing requirements.

• Must display Ranger Cup decal on driver’s windshield/console of boat.

• The factory installed Ranger decals must be on the qualifying boat in the appropriate position. If the boat is wrapped, the decals must be put back in the same location and must be visible.

Clothing Guidelines

  • Wear an approved Ranger shirt from take-offs through weigh-ins during all days of qualifying tournaments.
  • The Ranger Boats logo must be at least four inches in length on the upper left* side of the shirt. There can be no logos higher than the Ranger logo.
  • The Ranger logo must span at least 10 inches on the back of the shirt and be exclusive boat logo.
  • The Ranger Cup logo must be displayed on either sleeve of the shirt.


  • Approved events with 60 or more boats (see website for complete list):  $7,000 to win an event, if fishing from a 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 year model Ranger boat with a 200 horsepower engine or larger. If winner does not meet qualifying guidelines and qualifying angler finishes in the top 10, then they will be eligible for a $500 highest finisher cash payout.
  •  If winner has a 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 year model Ranger boat powered by a 60-175 horsepower engine, then they will be eligible for a $1,000 cash payout.
  • If an angler’s boat who wins an approved event is between a 2010-2017 year model, then they will be eligible for a $500 BPS/Cabela’s gift card.