Host Your Own Sanctioned School-Run Event and Earn Cabela’s School of the Year Points!

Are you interested in hosting an Association of Collegiate Anglers sanctioned school-run collegiate bass fishing tournament to count towards the Cabela’s School of Year race this fall? If so, did you know that your club can gain additional points toward the Cabela’s School of the Year points, receive prize packages from ACA sponsors and get your club more exposure by simply hosting a sanctioned school-run event for the Cabela’s School of the Year race?

The 2018-2019 Cabela’s School of Year presented by Abu Garcia is comprised of over 40 collegiate tournaments nationwide.  Collegiate anglers have and will spend countless amounts of time traveling to numerous events across the country in order to earn the coveted points and rankings that come with them.

Clubs that host a Cabela’s School of the Year sanctioned event are now guaranteed bonus points for hosting one tournament based on the number of boats that fish their events and can now host up to 3 open events or 1 trail (consisting of 4 or more events). In the past, Cabela’s School of the Year Race was determined by less than twenty points, making every possible point extremely valuable.  In addition, many schools use the events they host as fund raisers.

If you’re interested in having your school host an event, please contact the Association of Collegiate Anglers for more information. For all information regarding hosting a sanctioned school-run event in your area, email See all Qualifying Events for the 2018-2019 season.