Big Bite Baits: Buzz Through Fall Fishing

The Tour Toad new for 2018

Big Bite pro Russ Lane stays on the move searching for opportunistic feeders in the early Fall. Our new Tour Toad is a great option for covering water in search of those Largemouth taking advantage of the shad migration to the shallows. “The new Tour Toad will definitely be one of the baits I have tied on during the Fall months. I can cover a lot of shallow water with it in a hurry, and it does a great job at imitating fleeing shad or bait.” said Lane.


The Tour Toad Buzz

Our new buzz bait head is also now available rigged with our Tour Toad. The Tour Toad Buzz has the perfect “squeak: and can be easily tuned to “clack” the head for added noise.

Limit Maker

Is the bite on your favorite body of water a little tough right now? Give our Big Bite Baits Fishing Lures Limit Maker a try on a carolina rig. This set up will get you a few bites that you may not get otherwise during the early Fall transition!