Association of Collegiate Anglers (ACA) Association of Collegiate Anglers (ACA)
The Association of Collegiate Anglers (ACA) was formed to create a national, unified voice for the country's collegiate anglers, through an affiliation with the BoatU.S Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship and related programs. The organization has been made possible by a joint effort among The Bass Federation Inc. (TBF), Careco Multimedia, and a host of supporting companies. With nearly 30,000 members across 47 states, TBF is the nation's oldest and largest organized national fishing group.

The ACA is a "federation" under the TBF umbrella, having its own board of directors, by-laws, and benefits. Included in the benefits are club insurance coverage, access to conservation and equipment grants and more.

Any school recognized fishing club with at least 6 members can join the ACA. The annual membership fee is $15 per member. With membership comes benefits, for the club and each member. 


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